Arduino Project: Optical Synthesizer

As a project for CS890EH, Interactive Hardware, I am considering a project that would require a broad variety of hardware and software development: An optical synthesizer. Rather than producing sound, this synthesizer would produce light. The signal would be initially produced in a similar fashion to a traditional analog synth, with a keyboard to set the fundamental … Continue reading Arduino Project: Optical Synthesizer

Review: CLOUDS Interactive Documentary

Randomness as a Tool for Inspiring Creativity Clouds (2015) is an innovative way of organizing and presenting content that breaks free of the conventional documentary form and explores the possibilities offered by following an algorithm rather than a single trajectory. Through randomly organizing over 10 hours[1] of content based on user choices and programmed events … Continue reading Review: CLOUDS Interactive Documentary

The Multidimensional Nature of Expanded Cinema

Expanded Cinema Meets in the Middle According to the Meet in the Middle website “Meet in the Middle | Stations of Migration and Memory Between Art and Film is a curated series of exhibitions, screenings, events and exchanges linked by the theme of trauma that underlies contemporary experiences of migration and its memorialization.”[1] Further to … Continue reading The Multidimensional Nature of Expanded Cinema

Review: Woofbert VR

Woofbert VR is a cross-platform app that allows you to view art galleries virtually, as well as experience a few select pieces on another level. Featuring mostly galleries in England, such as the Courtauld Gallery and the Turner Contemporary Gallery, Woofbert allows you to explore a single room of each gallery as though you were walking … Continue reading Review: Woofbert VR